Common Ways We Worship at St. Mary’s

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Worship is the response of our hearts and our minds to all that is beautiful and joyous in life and in creation.  It is also the response of our hearts and our minds when we experience human needs and our deepest fears.  Worship brings together language and music, artistry and creativity, wonder and hope, as well as faith in God’s mercy and truthful acknowledgement of human pain and sin. 

At St. Mary’s, we regularly come together for worship. Our common worship experience on Sundays usually takes the form of a Eucharist.  We also have a Eucharistic worship service on Wednesday, and our Wednesday Eucharist prayers for all kinds of healing.  For a better understanding of what to expect in a Sunday Eucharist, follow this link.  To learn more about our Wednesday Eucharist with Healing Prayers, follow this link.

Our common worship experience may also expressed in a form of praying sometimes called “the Daily Offices.”  The most common “Daily Offices” are Morning Prayer, Noon Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline.  As you might guess, these prayers give us the chance to join the church throughout the entire world in praying throughout the entire day.  For a better understanding of the Daily Offices, follow this link.

It is worth noting that our common worship is supplemented by our individual practices of prayer.  If you are unaccustomed to private prayer and would like some suggestions on how to proceed, please follow this link

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