Eucharist at St. Mary’s

Our common worship is rooted in the richness of both scripture and our Episcopal tradition.  Among the many tools which give form to our worship is our Episcopal “Book of Common Prayer.” 

The Eucharist is the service found at the center of our Book of Common Prayer. In the first part of our service, we turn our attention and our hearts fully to the Word of God. 

In the second half of the service, we “break bread” following the instructions Jesus gave during the last meal he shared with his friends before his death.

Because we use our Book of Common Prayer and a supplemental bulletin (which usually gives all page numbers we are using from the Book of Common Prayer), we hope our worship service is not too difficult to follow, even if you have never been to an Episcopal Eucharist.  If you get lost, please just look to a nearby pew-neighbor who will certainly be very ready to assist you!

Reflections on Children in Worship