Worship and Children

Kids are full members of our community, just as they are full members of their families.  It is true that kids don’t grasp the meaning of everything that happens in a family, and we surely don’t expect them to grasp the full meaning of everything that happens in church!  After all, they are entitled to be children! 

Still, something wonderful happens as kids sit and stand alongside their families as families pray.  Children absorb from their families a love of our community’s worship.  Even more importantly, when kids hang out with adults who are pondering the wonder and mystery of God, the kids pick that up as well! 

For that reason, children are always welcome (but not required) to stay in church, with their families, during worship. 

But shouldn’t they be learning about God? 

Won’t they learn more in “a traditional Sunday School”?

Well, maybe… but maybe not!  Certainly, “learning” happens both during traditional Sunday School and during worship.  But “learning” is not the only thing we are seeking to cultivate in our children.  What children need is probably better described as “Faith Formation.”   So… while we offer a wonderful “St. Mary’s Kids” program, and while we offer nursery care for parents who choose to worship without worry that their infants or toddlers will somehow be disruptive or distracting to others, we also simply welcome children who want to stay with their families throughout worship.

St. Mary’s Kids Program

On all Sundays except the first Sunday of each month, the children who choose to participate in our St. Mary’s Kids program engage in learning activities during the first part of our worship service.  The children re-join their families after the homily and profession of faith.  This year, the St. Mary’s Kids program is exploring some biblical figures who, though ordinary people, made extraordinary differences for God’s people.  “With the power of God behind us, everyone can be a superhero!”