Worship Ministries

Worship Assistants:  Because we know that common worship is the work of the entire community, not only the priest, planning for our common Worship is a shared undertaking.  If you join us for worship, you will see that many are involved in tasks as simple as lighting candles – to reading – to serving as acolytes or Eucharistic Ministers – to writing or leading moments of prayer – to preparing creative displays that support our worship – and so much more.  There is always room for you to help, when you are ready!

The Ministry of Choir   (under revisions… please check back)

The Ministry of Christian Hospitality:  As Psalm 139 reminds us, every single person was “knit together” by God before birth.  God has confirmed the beauty of our diversity by endowing us with different gifts.  At St. Mary’s, we are is committed to the ministry of Christian hospitality, the ministry of opening our hearts to all, the ministry of building relationships without judgment and without preconceptions.  At any community event, you will find greeters and ushers who will be the first face of our Christian hospitality.  But this ministry does not only belong to ushers & greeters.  This belongs to all of us.  Whether at a worship service or church function, or any place else in God’s world, we will open our hearts to receive you.  We are ready to receive the gifts God brings to us through you.