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Saturday  June 3rd

Strawberry Jam! Vendors! Food Trucks! Beer & Wine Tent! Strawberry Shortcake! Live Music!

An Old time festival with a contemporary flair!


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Walk for Interfaith Homeless Outreach Coalition February 2017

Hello from St. Mary’s!  You have reached the site of the beautiful, friendly, welcoming, Episcopal Church on the corner of the White Horse Pike and Green Streets in Haddon Heights, NJ.

Many of you may pass us by every day but know nothing about us. Here are some facts. The church is alive and well!!  We are serving the community as we have for more than one hundred and six years.

We are currently looking for a new priest. Unlike other denominations, the Episcopal Church has a process by which clergy become leaders in a church community. That process is very substantial and time consuming but insures that a parish finds a person that will meet their needs and that of the community at large. That journey is underway at the present time. Until that individual is found, the parish is supported by “supply priests” who come to lead services on a weekly basis. The pastoral needs of the congregation are met by the church’s ordained Deacon and our Two by Two Team of Lay Ministers.

This last year (2015-2016) brought over 1500 people through the doors of St. Mary’s for our “Sundays at Four” Concert Series. We hosted our 2nd Annual Designer Bag Bingo,  offered Advent and Lenten study groups, hosted a Flea Market and Strawberry Festival,  held a dinner for seniors from our local communities and reinstated our traditional Christmas Bazaar which had been missing for several years.

We filled backpacks for school children in Camden, supplied juice boxes to Kid’s Alley summersunday school boys camp,  collected supplies for animals through the Animal Welfare Association and food and clothing on an ongoing basis for agencies in Camden that support the homeless. Personal care items were gathered and donated to the Camden County Women’s Shelter. A group of church members participated in IHOC’s fundraising walk. Our Prayer Fellowship prays for people on a daily basis, most of whom are not members of St. Mary’s but folks in need of prayer in our communities and beyond.

Our church building is a hub of activity with more than one hundred children calling the church “home” after school and on Saturday each week.  Boy Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous  along with several music groups are using the building for their meetings and programs.

Our 2017 year is in full swing.  We have critiqued our 2016 Christmas Bazaar and have decided to re-tool and update the event to meet the interests of today’s buying market.  We will host the event on the first Saturday in December, and will continue with that date making it a St. Mary’s and community “tradition”. It will be known as St. Mary’s Christmas Market and will host artisans and vendors as well as tables sponsored by the church.

Our “Sundays at Four” series has once again been a huge success this year. The final event for the 2016-17 season will take place on Sunday, April 9th. Be sure to check out the calendar page for more information.

Lent began on Wednesday, March 1st (Ash Wednesday) with Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes at 7pm.  On Wednesday, March 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and April 5th and 10th we will gather together at 6pm in the Chapel where we will enjoy homemade soup (made by our talented St. Mary’s cooks) and sandwiches (that we bring as individuals). After sharing a time of fellowship, we will participate in a Lenten study series led by the Reverend Martin Gutwein. Following our study time, we will gather in the church and walk the “Stations of The Cross” as Christ did on his journey to Calvary. This Lenten program is open to everyone and we encourage your participation as you prepare for Easter.

Our Sunday school children are learning about life in Jesus time. After having created salt maps of the Holy Lands and a Jewish village, and just completed building a model of Herod’s Temple. It was an exciting, fun and informative process for everyone involved. We will continue the Sunday school year participating in the games and activities that were a part of children’s lives in Jesus’ time, trying foods that were served in Jewish households, learning to write our names using the Jewish alphabet and discovering what jobs sustained Jewish families.

We are also very excited about an event that will be taking place on June 3rd that we are calling, “Strawberry Jamm”. This fun event will feature food trucks, beer and wine tasting, local artisans and lots and lots of Strawberry deliciousness!!!  There will be a magic show for children at 5pm as well. You will not want to miss it!!!!

St. Mary’s parish community is one of varying ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. EVERYONE IS ALWAYS WELCOME AT ST. MARY’S.

We invite YOU to come and meet us. Join us for our Healing Service on Wednesday morning at 10am or for our Sunday morning worship, also at 10am. You will be warmly received and made to feel at home. Get to know us. Come out and see our beautiful church and meet the members of St. Mary’s parish community as we continue spreading God’s love in the world for the next one hundred and six years and beyond!


On Palm Sunday, April 9th at 4 pm we will gather in the church for the last of our 2016-17 “Sundays at Four” concerts. The program will feature soprano Teresa Bonilla, baritone Jeff Chapman, harpist Sophie Bruno, with William Fenimore on the organ and Maximillian Esmus as the guest conductor. The combined choirs and our soloists will be performing Requiem and Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Faure. You will not want to miss this wonderful concert; a perfect way to spend a spring afternoon

Come and worship with us! EVERYONE is always welcome at St. Mary’s !!!!

SamSt. Mary’s is an historic and welcoming parish located in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Whether you are visiting in the area or seeking a church home, we invite you to join us. If you would like to introduce yourself to one of our greeters or ushers, he or she will answer any questions and help you feel at home.

St. Mary’s is located at the intersection of the White Horse Pike (US 30) and Green Street in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. In addition to US 30, the church is easily accessible via I-295 and other main area roads. If you would like door-to-door directions to St. Mary’s, this service is available through Google maps.

The main parking lot is behind the church and is accessible from the White Horse Pike (US 30). In addition, free parking is available along Atlantic Avenue and on-street parking is permitted along Green St., across from the front of the church.
Please note: Green Street is one way, heading towards the White Horse Pike. From the White Horse Pike, you must turn first onto Station Ave. (towards the stores/downtown area). Then turn right at the first intersection onto Atlantic Ave. and, again, turn right at Green St.